This blog is for Britney Spears fans to submit their confessions about her. Please understand that there are a lot of confessions to get through and yours probably wont be up right away. If the ask box is closed it's because I'm busy making confessions.


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Anonymous whispered, "What's your favorite song(s) off each album?"

I feel like I’ve done this so many times before, but as it changes quite a bit I’ll do it again…

BOMT: I Will Be There, Crazy, BOMT
OIDIA: Lucky, What U See, Stronger
Britney: Slave 4 U, Anticipating, I Love Rock n Roll, I Run Away
In The Zone: Toxic, Outrageous, Everytime
(Shout out to Mona Lisa)
Blackout: Gimme More, Get Naked, Break the Ice
Circus: Circus, Lace and Leather, Amnesia
Femme Fatale: He About to Lose Me, Till the World Ends, Scary
Britney Jean: Passenger, Hold On Tight, Til It’s Gone

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Anonymous whispered, "Are the lyrics to Slave "upon me" or "up on me"?"

I’m guessing it’s up on me

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Anonymous whispered, "Sorry everyone is on your back. Smh. :/ I love this blog but your life is more important than it. Ungrateful people."


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Anonymous whispered, "Post more on trollney please, I really love that blog and I feel like you don't spend enough time on it anymore"

I’m always on it…

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Anonymous whispered, "go topage 104"

floptina strikes again

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